1-1/4-in Dia PVC Sch 40 Adapter

Used Over 1" PVC Coupling To Support and Rotate the 18" Stackable Planters

1/2 in. x 20 in. Support Pipe Conduit Stake

Mark off 12 inches in the 1/2" pipe and drive into the ground leaving 8 inches above ground. The 3/4" pipe will go over this afterwards to form a solid structure for your vertical tower. Then the PVC goes over the 3/4" pipe to raise the pots off the ground and rotate.

1/8-in x 50-ft Vinyl Micro Drip Tubing

1/8" Tubing, roll of 50 feet. This tubing is the standard for drip irrigation, used to transport water or nutrient solution from a main tube or manifold to a plant site, usually terminating in a drip emitter.

3-Valve Heavy Duty Preassembled Manifold

Hook up to your indoor/outdoor timer to control three stations. Includes Unions and a Cap too. Adding on is easy!

  • Includes 3 valves with heavy duty manifold - comes PREASSEMBLED, allowing you to install it quickly and easily
  • Simply twist and tighten and you're ready to go - no glue, no fumes, no mess, and no waiting for glue to dry
  • Installs in minutes, with no tools required (no wire organizer needed or included)
  • Works with PVC and poly pipe systems; this system works with both 3/4 and 1 in. systems

3/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC Coupling

Used To Connect 3/4" PVC Pipes and Allow 13" Stackable Planters To Rest On Top and Rotate

Basket Drip Stake w/Cage: Pack of 100

Mother Nature waters from the top, and so do these commercial quality drip stakes. By using these, you can run a top watering system that is virtually clog-free. Top watering also has the advantage of preventing fertilizer salt build up.

Sold in packs of 100

Heavy Duty Woven 3.2 oz Ground Cover

Heavy-duty woven 3.2-oz. polypropylene fabric
Resists tearing, puncturing and weed penetration
Approved for most government weed control applications
Ideal choice for greenhouses, outdoor displays and as a weed barrier for plantings without topical coverings
UV-stabilized fabric holds up in direct sunlight and is striped every 12in. to aid in plant alignment

Indoor/Outdoor 6-12 Station Smart WiFi Sprinkler System Controller

  • ULTIMATE WIFI AND TIMER CONTROL - App is fully functional for Android, iOS or web devices, and gives you control wherever you need it. Program your timer on the app, at the timer, or let the weather-based software create a program for you
  • SMART WATERING - WeatherSense technology provides watering based on site conditions such as slope, soil type, sun/shade, forecast ET and live weather feeds. It automatically adjusts your controller to deliver the right amount of water to your plants
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE - Utilize the swing panel for easy access to the angled wiring terminals, which makes wiring simple and convenient, and the plug-and-go line cord that can also be cut for hardwired applications
  • MADE IN USA - Made in the USA with global materials, comes in a weather-resistant case, allowing you to mount your timer indoors or outdoors without risk of weather damage, and a locking cabinet that keeps your timer safe from harm

Wi-fi sprinkler timer combines the easiest to program timers on the market with the remote capabilities of wifi. Users can control the timer with their Android or iOS app, from their computer or at the timer with the familiar, intuitive interface that millions of customers have come to know. A perfect timer for new installations or for replacement applications, the wifi controller is available in 6 and 12 stations to cover most systems. It can function with our without wifi connectivity. It can be set to adjust watering based on local weather to avoid water waste and deliver the right amount of water or nutrients to your plants.

Mister on Barb (5-Pack)

Use to cool down plant foliage on a hot day. Place the misters on a separate water line running overhead.

Conserve water while enhancing your landscape with the DIG Fogger Mister. Made of durable, high-quality materials, this low volume emitter provides a fine, full circle mist spray. Threaded barb allows for quick and easy installation.

  • Low-volume drip emitter saves water
  • Durable construction for long life
  • Provides a flow rate of 7 GPH
  • Ideal for hanging pots, window boxes and planters
  • Sprays a fine, 360° mist

Pressure Regulating Drip Manifold

Allows you to regulate water pressure coming out. 8 Outlets

Punch Tool

To Punch Holes In Main Water Line & Inserting 1/4" Micro Drip Tubing


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